City of Fitchburg Public Schools

City of Fitchburg Public Schools

Fitchburg, Massachusetts

Fitchburg High School and Longsjo Middle School both had boiler tubes replaced within their existing heating system. In addition to this project, both schools also had electrical design services to upgrade their surveillance equipment including cameras, DVR’s with multi switch hubs, joystick control, cable, conduit and connections. Aside from those repairs, Fitchburg High School’s project included the electrical plans and specifications for the redesign of electrical switchgear to revise one electrical meter. Additionally, we’ve performed boiler repairs at Crocker Elementary School. Another project, Reingold Elementary, included the removal and replacement of the existing oil burners at the school, to include the gas piping to the new burners. The Chapter 149 projects at Reingold, Memorial, South Street and Goodrich Schools included mechanical and electrical design consulting services for Green Boiler Repairs and replacement of existing equipment and added a new fire alarm, new wet pipe sprinkler system and new acoustical tile ceiling systems. We have also performed HVAC/Heating maintenance for school water heaters and boilers, as well as the emergency generator replacement.

Engineering Services Provided: Mechanical, Electrical, Fire Protection, Plumbing, Technology Design, Energy Conservation/Green Build, Project Management, Construction Administration

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