Phillips Academy Wellness Center

Phillips Academy Wellness Center

Andover, Massachusetts

Mechanical/Plumbing and Electrical systems including geothermal HVAC for new 17,000 square foot Wellness Center. Heating and cooling provided by water to air heat pumps, water to water heat pumps, water to refrigerant heat pumps utilizing geothermal energy. Geothermal energy usage required the installation of vertical piping wells and underground piping extended from the building site to the inside face of the building mechanical room wall by others to utilize the earth’s natural soil temperature to provide condenser water to individual ground source water heat pumps throughout the building.  The system also included heat recovery ventilation/exhaust systems, demand control ventilation controls, occupancy lighting/temperature setback controls, incorporation of solar PV power, heat pump domestic hot water systems and a direct digital building management system.

Architect:  Shepley Bulfinch

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